Ward EV

Independent EV Charger Installation Inspections​

Do you need an independent audit of your EV charger installation?

Is your EV charger not working properly?

Have you had multiple replacements already and are still not satisfied?

Installing an EV charger is a specialist skill, requires specific knowledge and must meet set out criteria. If these aspects aren’t satisfied, you can be left with a charger that doesn’t work properly, a potentially unsafe site and an undisclosed install. 

All EV installations should include the following: 

A signed and dated certificate

Fully commissioned and set up

Instructions and a tutorial provided

Surge protected

Fuse Board Assessment

Notification to the National Grid

Sadly we’ve had lots of customers come to us because the installation they have been provided by another company is substandard and in some cases, even dangerous. 

Here is just some of what we find on electric vehicle charger independent audits

Armoured cable installed but not terminated at all correctly

This shows whoever has done this has NO electrical experience what so ever. Armourings just cut back and taped up as earths.

Protected by a Type AC RCD

This will not trip if DC current (from a charging car maybe?) Is detected, meaning even your sockets or lights may not trip in the event of an electric shock in the home.

Not connected to the dedicated PME terminal in the charger.

In the event of a supply fault, the charger won't detect it meaning your CAR could potentially be LIVE!

No Surge protection.

Just mashed into your existing fuseboard.

As the end user – all you see is a charger on the wall that charges your car!
Not the hidden dangers that are left, meaning this “cheap charger” market can easily be manipulated, and someone IS going to get hurt. This is totally unacceptable.

At Ward EV, we want to make sure all EV charger installations are RIGHT and SAFE. 

We will come out and do a visual inspection and create a tailored remedy plan if needed to ensure your installation is up to scratch. 

Don’t leave it to chance, trust the experts.

Local to Mansfield – £85 plus vat.

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